Mobile Deployments

The ability to manage waste products in remote or devastated locations has been an ongoing problem for many years. Military deployments have no way of easily generating energy other than using diesel generators, and typically waste can only be disposed of using a local landfill.

In disaster hit regions, a disease such as cholera becomes the single biggest health issue to be dealt with during the humanitarian effort. Lack of electricity generation and infrastructure leaves untreated sewage, polluted water and the inability for infrastructure stabilization.

Finally, outlying communities suffer from high energy costs due to scaling issues in the area, and landfill becomes a dominant disposal method, mainly due to available space, causing spread of disease and local wild life issues.

The ROC mobile is a rapid deployment solution which can be mobilized quickly and efficiently processing all types of waste products, from sewage to municipal waste, agricultural waste, medical waste and hazardous waste. The ability to generate energy without the ongoing requirement of fossil fuels to operate provides significant value.  This makes it an ideal solution for military, humanitarian and remote community deployments.