Features & Benefits

Phenomenal Economic benefits of The ROC Energy from Waste solution

  • Rapidly and efficiently converts all carbon based (organic) material to high grade thermal energy.
  • Attractive ROI from energy production and transportation tipping fee cost savings
  • Minimal to complete Elimination of feedstock preparation depending on waste stream
  • Significant value generated from waste destruction.

Significant Environmental Improvements

  • Reduced air and water pollution when compared to landfilling and incineration
  • Eliminates landfill methane release, significantly reducing greenhouse gas production
  • Minimizes the production of nitrogen oxides, a major contributor to the “green house effect” and a significant air pollutant
  • Eliminates the need for landfills
  • Operates efficiently in all climatic conditions

Minimal Operational Complexity

  • Minimal sorting, drying, sizing, pelletizing, pulverizing or blending of feedstock
  • Does not require the operator to have advanced technical knowledge
  • No moving parts in hot process chambers minimizes maintenance requirements
  • ROC runs by itself with energy from feedstock  wastes. No fossil fuel requirement for operation beyond start-up.

All these factors combine to dramatically reduces operating costs as compared to any alternative technologies