Fixed Applications

The ROC is scalable starting at 5 tonnes per day and larger as needed.; this makes it an ideal solution for a wide variety of fixed applications, dependant on waste quantity and feedstock type.

The system can be implemented full-size at municipal waste locations, where there is significant variations in type of waste, however large the quantities. The ROC will generate community level energy, both electric and thermal for district heating and general local power requirements.

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At a mid size level, a 10 Tonne per day plant could be installed as part of a closed loop manufacturing or processing plant such as a slaughterhouse, where thermal energy may be used as part of the production process, hot water and building  heating, with electricity being used for lighting, refrigeration, and machinery. All waste is processed on site, removing the cost and environmental impact of transport, tipping and remote processing.

On a small scale, hospitals that pay high costs for removal of hazardous waste may implement a 5 Tonne  per day ROC plant to specifically process their hazardous waste locally, removing the need for transportation and ultimately landfill, while generating local energy for the facility.