Risk Mitigation

Our Client Centric and Risk Mitigating approach to solving your challenges

We at Innovative NRG fully appreciate the magnitude of the undertaking you are considering, as not only are you planning on making a significant capital investment, you are seriously contemplating advanced technology which, by its very nature, carries a degree of uncertainty.

This is precisely why we have developed a distinctive, consultative and multi-phased approach, giving each client a “Plan for Success” which minimizes risk at each step. We understand that each client’s situation is unique and is impacted by hundreds of variables influencing what type of solution may be appropriate.

Our distinctive approach allows our clients to completely control costs at each juncture of the decision process.


Stage 1 – Client Requirements Definition – Needs Analysis and Problem Definition

Stage 2 – Feasibility analysis and preliminary solution and ROC plant design

Stage 3 – Detailed Solution Outline; ROC plant design, construction, operation and financing

Stage 4 – Prototype plant construction (Optional)

Stage 5 – Implementation of a ROC plant, financing, construction and operation

The result of the Plan for Success will be a blueprint to facilitate the successful financing, construction and operation of a ROC plant. This plan has many milestones to monitor each phase of the construction to ensure that all planned outcomes will be achieved.