Our Company

Innovative NRG is a single source Energy from Waste company offering customized end to end solutions based exclusively on Rapid Organic Conversion (ROC) technology.

The Rapid Organic Converter (The ROC) provides a highly efficient, clean and quiet alternative for waste to energy conversion, with minimal operation or maintenance costs and cross market suitability.

Tailored implementations of The ROC

are designed to not only eliminate waste in the most efficient and environmentally friendly manner possible, but also to provide a profitable, renewable and clean energy source from multiple organic waste feedstocks including:

  • Biomass
  • Agricultural waste (manure, straw, etc.)
  • Slaughterhouse waste
  • Forestry waste
  • Municipal solid waste (diverted from landfill)
  • Sewage sludge
  • Commercial toxic and non toxic waste
  • Medical and hazardous waste


Our Solutions and Services

Innovative NRG offerings include:

  • Patented and Proprietary Flameless energy from waste conversion
  • Feasibility studies and economic cost/benefit modeling
  • Complete engineering design
  • Project management
  • Contractor procurement
  • Identifying project funding investment and financing sources
  • Government & public relations


Learn More

To find out more about the ROC experience, either request the Executive Download by clicking HERE, or conversely if you have question please feel free to contact us now by clicking HERE.